When serial entrepreneurs meet and love to work together

Because from 2015, our CEO had the opportunity to work in different domains in Luxembourg such as the leader of an awarded startup or being the Technology Director in a consultancy firm;

He built a team where innovation and creation explored many areas like Fintech, Insurtech or Government and Institutions and he found that all of them had the same problem, weak digital marketing.

All of this was the catalyzation of Cameo, the first single marketplace in Luxembourg focused on social media and content creation.

Why choose us?


State-of-the-Art has a meaning for Cameo, providing the latest methodologies, tools and practices in the market for efficiency and success.

Passion about what we do

Because loving what to do is extra for us, no matter what or how we always support any project with passion and duly diligence.

Multidisciplinary Team

A dream team is composed of stars, our team is composed of people that can make any dream comes true. A mix of knowledge, maturity, entrepreneurship, coaches and young motivated people makes Cameo a unique ecosystem.

Our Story

  • 2015
  • 2016
    First Awards
  • 2017
    Developing with a big 6
  • 2018
    Incorporation of new services
  • 2019
    New possibilities
  • 2020
    Expanding in new countries
  • 2022
    UAE Openning

2015 Founded

A Softlanding in Luxembourg

2016 First Awards

Our project Bitbank - Secure cloud Storage and Ibisa Network later were awarded The Fit4Start program, Finalist of KPMG Lion Awards and Winner of Best Startup 2018 in the domain of Insurtech
I remember...

Developing Technology HUB services in a Big 6 Consultancy Firm

We worked together with an International Consultancy Firm and we helped them with the Consultancy offering

2018 New Services

We played with Blockchain Technologies and developed some uses cases around insurance, payments, and e-commerce

2019 New possibilities

In 2019, we developed a unique set of skills and methodology and Cameo Digital Marketing born

Scaling up in new 5 countries

We are recruiting independents and partnering with the local marketing agencies for a global and unique approach