Digital content creation made easy

Because today all is about content; and the 95% of engagement is coming thanks to digital media content, introducing regular videos, infographics or nice slides into your marketing channels will increase your visibility and number of followers, impacting positively your revenue.

We will help you to feed your audience with videos, micro-content, infographics and commercials, in a couple of months, you will reach your target.

How to speed up video content creation?

Dive Time

For a successful campaign, we should dive into your business and identify your competitive advantage, and then, we will design together a tailored digital marketing strategy.

Recording Sessions

It's time for being a star; Cameo will record and coach you for obtaining a smooth recording session with an understandable script, focused on your business and goals.


Time for behind camera tasks; Master records will split into multiple micro contents adapted for various Social Media Platforms. Cameo will analyse the key messages together with the most motivational parts of the interview.


Cameo will deliver a set of videos, presentations, infographics and marketing material tailored for social media, and you will be one step closer to being a star/influencer.

Everything packaged and customized for you