A good company does not deserve a bad strategy

Is a fact that there are more bad strategies than bad companies, normally your company can afford a mistake if it is detected at the right time but many companies just fail for this reason.

In Cameo we are not magicians with the secret spell of the phylosofal stone, but what we have is a set of visionary people and think-outside the box mindset that can bring the spark needed in your business

  • Supporting your journey

  • Enforcing your network

  • Building strong fundaments

  • Decreasing risk of failure

  • Exploring new world of opportunities

Just an example

Wine Retail Dealer

A wine dealer company well established in Luxembourg for the last 15 years has the challenge to revamp and increase revenue streams and difference from competitors.

  1. Analysis of current situation

  2. Analysis of Competitors

  3. Definition of Value proposition “Quality vs Cuantity”

  4. Selecting new top 5 wines per region

  5. Investment in a new ecommerce and website

  6. Social media Boost ( make by Influencers)

Annual Turnover comparison